Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monthly Meeting November 19

55 North Main St- Allentown NJ 7-9 PM

Business Meeting:
Mill Pond Arts
Holiday Sale
Holiday Party
Show and Tell
Alcohol Ink Demo- Lisette

Members in Current Show at Mill Pond;
1.  Ellen
2.  Lisette
3.  Donna
4.  Carolyn
5.  Karen
6.  Tess
7.  Judy
8.  Frank
9.  Susan
AHS award winner Chris Wira- no fee

Entrance fee is $10 for Mill Pond show.  If you haven't paid for this show yet please bring a check to meeting on Nov 19th.  If you haven't paid for previous show please have a $10 check made out to Allentown Art Guild.   To exhibit you have to be a current member.  

Total pieces hung  27
Total pieces in show  34
7 Recycled pieces were left in new show. 
On bookcases ~10-14 small pieces.  

2 Members still have not picked up their pieces.

Holiday Show at Lisettes 55 North Main Allentown Dec 5th and 6th 12-5 PM
No fee to enter Holiday show but there will be a 20% commission on your sale.  If you put pieces in the show you will have to sign up for working in the show at the next meeting Nov 19th.  If you don't work and want your pieces in show you will be charged $10 service fee.  There will be a sign up sheet at the monthly meeting.   Sign up for 1 of the 2 days.   We will need at least 2 people in the back of the house and 2 people in the front of the house for each day.   Until we know how many will sign up- we can't determine if you need to stay for the full 5 hours.  

Holiday Pot Luck Party at 9 Stacey Drive on Friday Dec 18th 6PM.  Members and spouses are welcome.   A sign up sheet will be at meeting.  Need to know head count and what you would like to bring.

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