Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Meeting April 20, 2017

55 North Main Street
Allentown NJ
7-9 PM

1. Take down of current show  at Mill Pond
2. Take down show at Hickory Corner
3.  Drop off art at Mill Pond
4.  Set up show at Mill Pond

New labels will have to be made for Mill Pond Show.  Mill Pond charges commission,  and Hickory Corner does not have a fee.  P. Hill will make new labels for pieces if you send her all the information of your work by April 26th- at the latest.

A description of the Guild and works of members will be included in the Mill Pond show.


Friday, March 10, 2017

March 16, 2017 guest artist Ingrid Davis

55 North Main St
Allentown, NJ

7-9 PM

Ingrid Davis is a talented printmaker.  The techniques that she uses were developed in the 16th century but did not become popular until 19-20th centuries.  She is one of the experts in this technique and we are excited that she will be giving us a talk about her work.  This type of printing is described as white line wood cuts.

The website below gives more information.  This should be a fun evening.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monthly Meeting Feb 16, 2017 7-9 PM

The monthly meeting will be at 55 North Main Street, Allentown NJ 7-9PM


1. Brief update on March/ April show at Hickory Corner Library- Paulette

2.  Any old or new business updates

3. We are pleased to have guest speaker Donna Sertz.

Donna Sertz is the owner of the "Branching Out" shop at 28 S. Main Street, Allentown NJ.  This shop sells jewelry, home decor items, gifts, vintage items and original art.  Donna offers various art classes such as but not limited to beading and polyclay.

We are pleased to have Donna give a demonstration of her negative watercolor painting technique at this February meeting.

Come out and enjoy the evening.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Monthly Meeting January 19, 2017

55 N Main Street
Allentown, NJ
7-9 PM


1. Review of Holiday Sale- what we sold and what didn't- Paulette/Lisette update

2.  Group discussion how to improve sales- one or 2 days?  1 weekend or 2?

3.  Hickory Corner Sales-Terry/Karen and Lisette

4.  Future exhibits:

Mill Pond:
Karen & Lisette- Feb, March, April

Group Show- May June July
Need organizers to hang show

Hickory Corner:
Group Show- March/ April
2 organizers needed for hanging group show

5.  Guest speaker in March will be Ingrid Davis

Need more suggestions for speakers

6. Other business?

7. Show and Tell